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Full-Semester Study Groups/Extended Study/Model AU Project

    The Africana and Latin American Studies Program periodically sponsors semester-long study groups in Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean, under the direction of faculty members associated with the program and with the cooperation of the Office of Off-Campus Study.  ALST also supports selected short-term studies in the U.S. and abroad.




          At present ALST offers two semester-long opportunities, both scheduled every fall and spring semester.  There may be more full-semester Study Group opportunities available in the future.



Dominican Republic Study Group

The Dominican Republic Study Group spends the term at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre and Maestra in Santiago de los Caballeros in the Spanish-speaking nation of the Dominican Republic.    Students who participate earn four credits and spend a week in the capital, Santo Domingo.  The purpose of this study group is to offer our students interested in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Latin America the opportunity to study on-site a Hispanic culture and a society of the Caribbean region from an interdisciplinary perspective.


West Indies Study Group

          Also known as the “UWI Study Group” this study group spends the term at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad.  This study group will give students an enriched experience of the Caribbean, through an opportunity to study the history, culture, literature, sociology, politics, and economics of the region. The academic aspects of Caribbean Studies will be greatly enhanced by the experience and knowledge acquired through daily living in a dynamic Caribbean society and interacting with students from the Caribbean.




          Extended Study involves taking a semester long course at Colgate, followed by four or five weeks of off-campus studies in the area studied in the course.  An extended study class may be ideal for a student whose schedule does not permit a full semester off-campusALST supports Extended Study groups to South Africa (CORE 190) and Mexico (CORE 171).   Other extended study opportunities may be available in the future.


Model AU Project


          ALST participates in the Model of African Unity, held each spring at Howard University for one week.  It is a conference that is followed up by some students who research topics independently.  Students may receive credit for independent study.  Any one interested in Model AU should contact the ALST program office.


For more information

          Students wishing to take advantage of these opportunities should plan ahead by consulting faculty members involved with particular groups.  For the latest information on ALST-related study groups, check with the program office.


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