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    A Glimpse of China

A beautiful handcrafted
Chinese butterfly kite

A Chinese Calligraphy Demostration
   A Fresh selection of red hot                  chilies


     The Temple of Heaven


   The Great Wall of China


 Chinese ceramic handicafts


 Owners bring their birds to
parks for singing competitions

    A Brief Pictorial of China

    Take a look at the beauty that awaits you in China. It may inspire you to join the China Study Group!

    The steps leading to the Altar of Heaven in Beijing. Three tiers of white marble glistening in the false light of predawn lent beauty and majesty to the ceremony, the only roof -- the Heaven above. There, as the tip of the sun shown over the horizon, the emperor would offer animal, grain, and silk sacrifices which had been prepared the previous day.

    The Marble Boat was built by Emperor Qianlong who compared the boat to the state and the water to the people. The people keep the state afloat and without their support the ship sinks. Empress Cixi changed the top of the boat, adding the superstructure and paddle-wheels. She also installed a large mirror in the cabin so she could sit gazing at it on rainy days. The mirror would act as a frame for the different views behind her.

    The Little Goose Pagoda on the grounds of the Jianfu Temple is called that because it is smaller, although it has more stories. It was completed in 709 A.D. when Buddhism was firmly established in China. The influence of Buddhism was so strong that Daoism, based on the teaching of Lao Zi, gradually adopted many of their rituals to maintain popularity among the people. We were told that the Little Goose Pagoda had lost several stories during an earthquake in the 1500's. It is difficult to tell, it looks complete. It is more delicate looking than the Big Goose with finer detailing in the brickwork. It, like the Big Goose Pagoda, housed Buddhist manuscripts and is a part of a temple complex and monastery.

    Chinese silk embroidery, a small rug such as this one can take over a year to make. The skill and speed of the embroidery needle is something you have to see to believe. These skills are only a small part of the economy.

    Workers in a Silk factory

    Tim Sum - Steamed Chinese meat dumplings

      Intricate Chinese Carvings

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