ARTICLE I name                                                    

    The name of this organization will be the ChInA Club - an acronym for Chinese Interest Association.


    The object of the China Club will be to enrich the Colgate community with activities and events educating and promoting awareness of Chinese culture. The ChInA Club will also serve the purpose in building up the Chinese Division of the Asain Studies Department in providing greater opportunities for Asian Studies majors that have an emphasis in Chinese.

ARTICLE III Membership

    Membership is open to any member of the Colgate community interested in promoting awareness of and/or learning more about Chinese culture.

ARTICLE IV Coordinating Group

    Section 1. The coordinating group will consist of qualified students nominated by club members. The coordinating group will assume the general responsibilities of planning activites and organizing events of the ChInA club.

ARTICLE V Responsibilities of the Coordinating Group

    Section 1. The Coordinating Group will assign positions that will consist of but not be limited to: Social Events Chairperson, Developmental Program Coordinator, Facutly-Student Liason, Film Director, Promotions and Publicity Person, Treasurer.

    Section 2. Coordinator's Responsibilities i)The Social Events Chairperson will act as the head in organizing social events and gathenngs; is responsible for encouraging members to be volunteers and mobilizing them in the organization of the event/activity. ii)The Developmental Program Coordinator will head the organization of drives focused in minority recruitment toward Colgate University, scholarships available to Asian Studies Majors, Asian Studies internships, and increasing alumni support. iii)The Faculty-Student Liason will serve as the link between faculty and students toward the coordinating group, informing the coordinating group of input, ideas, reactions from facutly and students; head the organization of educational colloquiums, speaker invitations, and workshops. iv)The Film Director will plan and organize the showing of Chinese movies. v) The Publicity and Promotions Person will carry out the distribution of mass mailing to members of the China Club, promotional material toward the Colgate Community, tallling minutes at coordinating group meetings, and keeping a record book on all of China Club's events. vi)The Treasurer will maintain the status of the China Club budget; responsible for submitting allocation requests to the Student Association Budget Allocations Committee.

    Section 3. The coordinating group is permitted to create any other positions and may also reallocate responsibilites within the group as deemed necessary.

ARTICLE VI Ammendments