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    Asia Interest house

    Asia Interest House, located at 84 Broad Street, was established in the fall of 1991. It is intended to be a place for those students who are interested in Asian cultures, Asian American experiences, and community building. Asian Interest House serves as a place for students to come together and assist in broadening their cultural knowledge and foster an appreciation for the contributions of individuals from the Asian/Asian American population. The house offers a unique opportunity for students outside of their CORE class. It is also an excellent community for students interested in study abroad opportunities in Asian.

    The house accommodates 34 residents in two double occupancy rooms and 30 singles. Additional facilities in the house include a small library, fireplace, study room, laundry facilities, and a pool table. The house is closely affiliated with the Korean Student Alliance, Asian Awareness Coalition, the Cultural Center and South Asian Continental Club.

Asia house has many spacious rooms

    Statement of Purpose & goals

    Asia Interest House was founded in 1991, as a university college house. The primary purpose of Asia Interest House is to enhance the life of Asia/Asian American students at Colgate and facilitate their retention. To this end, the house provides a variety of intellectual, educational and social programs related to Asian/Asian American culture and history. Asia Interest House is a learning place and home for Asian/Asian Americans and other interested students where they may assist in building a healthy community environment, spend quality time together building personal relationships, and promote campus awareness of Asian/Asian American cultures and issues.

    University college houses are very different from other residential communities on campus. Many students, faculty and administrators consider them an ideal environment that combines living and learning. To support this goal, a faculty fellows program was established. Colgate faculty fellows serve as mentors as well as academic and program advisors for each house. They help guide and support the house, as well as allow the residents the opportunity to get to know one another on a more informal and personal level.

    Asia Interest House, as a university house has a clear purpose and direction. In order for these goals to be accomplished each resident must actively participate in and support the house. This means regularly attending and contributing to house meetings; participating in, developing and implementing programming events ( e.g., lectures, workshops, discussions, parties, dinners); enthusiastically encouraging and supporting other residents' contributions; and, in general, having an open and committed attitude toward the community of Asia Interest House and its success on campus.

Asia House - A Haven nested among the trees

    A Brief History of Asia House

    The Asia Interest House joined Colgate's campus in the fall of 1991. It was founded by three Colgate students: Junko Kameda, Cynthia Tsai and Noj Zachariah. It was intended by its founders to be a place for those students who are genuinely interested in Asian cultures and Asian American experiences and community building. Asia Interest House serves as "a safe space for Asian, Asian American students on campus". It is an opportunity for students to come together and assist in broadening their cultural knowledge and foster an appreciation for the contributions of individuals from Asian/Asian American population. The residents agreed to "live in the house cooperatively, to assist in building a healthy community environment, to spend quality time together building personal relationships, to promote campus awareness of Asian and Asian American cultures and issues through cultural activities, discussions, lectures, etc, to encourage Colgate students to learn more about the house by participating in events sponsored there, and to respect each other."

    The house was given space at 84 Broad Street which had served as Bolton House and Sigma Nu Fraternity in the past. In its first year Asia House occupied the second floor of 84 Broad Street where it shared the space with Ecology House which occupied the third floor. During this time, it established permanent programs such as "A Bowl of Tea (a function which invites faculty over for an informal lecture), movie nights and faculty receptions.

    The house has room for approximately 34 residents. It is closely affiliated with the Korean Student Alliance and the Asian Awareness Coalition. Faculty fellows assist in house programs such as lectures, seminars, musical, and performances. Extra facilities in house include, a house library, fire place, archaeology lab in the basement, and pool table.

    Asia House encourages all members of the Colgate community who are interested in learning more about Asian/Asian American cultures to consider it as a housing option. All those interested in living in the house must read the Addendum to the University Housing Contract for Asia House which includes the requirements for living there (all of the things mentioned above), as well as information on house meetings, the cooperative dinning plan and house activities. They also receive an application which asks why they want to live in the house and what contributions they can make as house members.

    Asia Interest House University Housing Contract

    Students who wish to live in Asia House must agree to the following.

    • To show a commitment to Asian/Asian American culture and history. To promote the interests of the house through participation in groups and activities relevant to Asian/Asian American cultures at Colgate.
    • To actively participate in the house through one of the many house positions (e.g., steward, kitchen manager, programmer, intramural coordinator, residence life council representative, senator, librarian, plant care taker, fire marshal or faculty fellow liaison).
    • To attend and actively participate in weekly house meetings.
    • To fully participate in the cooperative kitchen. Weekly house duties will be assigned to each house member by the kitchen manager. If a member does not complete his or tasks, he or she will have to pay a fine. This house resident will no longer be allowed the privilege of using the kitchen. The cooperative is a non-profit system which provides meals for house members and boarders; excess funds are redistributed at the end of each semester. Board price is approximately $300.00 per semester for meals and house food (e.g. bagels, milk, sugar, etc.,).
    • To assist in planning and implementing house programs and to attend events. To live in the house in a cooperative manner and to assist in the formation of a healthy living/learning community.
    • To spend an adequate amount of time physically in the house to allow relationships with other house members to develop and to permit full participation in house activities.
    • To use the house facilities responsibly and to leave them in a condition which will permit others to use them.
    • To encourage other members of the community to visit the house and to participate in house events.
    • To honor a smoke free living environment in common areas.

    I understand Asia Interest House is intended as a residence for those students who are interested in Asian/Asian American cultures, experiences and community building (i.e., active respect, support and acceptance of all members). Those showing apathy towards these goals by not being active in the above may have their rooms reassigned to more interested students. The university will reassign students to another space within University housing, accommodating student preferences if possible.

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