Colgate International Community



The AD&D offers friends old and
new a chance to catch up.

Food to that hits the the spot!

A CIC member performs... the delight of the packed crowd

The Flamenco

    The Colgate International Community was created as a support group to ease the transition of new international students and provide them with a comfortable setting at Colgate. In addition, the CIC aims to provide the Colgate Community with a broader cultural sphere. Our events aim toward increasing awareness of the international setting and giving other students opportunities to learn from the experience of international students and their unique perspectives.

    Annual Dinner and Dance

    The Annual Dinner and Dance is a lively affair where good food meets good old fashion fun! It is also a time to showcase other cultures and broach important international issues.

    Sunday Abroad

    The Sunday Abroad discussions are open-ended sessions where students from different countries present their country, followed by a question and answer session.

    The latest Sunday Abroad featured Bulgaria and Hungary.


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