Many students take a course related to Asian studies during at some point of their stay at Colgate. And some students are enchanted and seduced by the charms of these foreign lands and eventually come to major in Asian Studies.

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Students relaxing in front of the fireplace at Asia Interest House

    Asia Interest house

    Asia Interest House, located at 84 Broad Street, was established in the fall of 1991. It is intended to be a place for students who are interested in Asian cultures, Asian American experiences, and community building. Asian Interest House serves as a place for students to come together and assist in broadening their cultural knowledge and foster an appreciation for the contributions of individuals from the Asian/Asian American population. The house offers a unique opportunity for students outside of their CORE class. It is also an excellent community for students interested in study abroad opportunities in Asia.

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    What can you Do with a Asian Studies Major?

    The opportunities for Asian Studies majors are endless. Join the United Nations and travel the world promoting world peace and global trade. Become an ambassador for the United States. All these and more...

    Discover what Colgate Asian Study Majors did after they graduated.

    Asian Related Groups on Campus

    Want more stimulation outside of the class room? Join one of the many Asian related clubs on campus!

    The Colgate International Community caters to easing the transition of international student when coming to Colgate. Find out about Asian Culture straight from the source.

    The Asian Awareness Coalition acts as the umbrella organisation for other Asian clubs.

    The ChInA Club works to promote awareness of the Chinese culture.

    The Korean Student Association works to promote Korea through various cultural activites.

    The South Asia Continental Club works to promote the cultures of countries in South Asia like India, Singapore, Hong Kong.

    The Japan Club serves to promote the Japanese culture.