China Study Group

The Japan Study Group

    The Asian Studies Program offers students the opportunity to participate in one or more of three well-established Colgate Study Abroad programs. For more information about other Colgate Study Abroad programs, contact the Office for Off-Campus Study.

    India Study Group

    One of Colgate's oldest study groups, this is a fall-semester group in Madras, India, focusing on cultural studies with emphasis on music, dance, art, and the religious traditions of India, including special studies in yoga, with trips to important sites in India.

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    China Study Group

    For those interested in China, Colgate offers a semester in Nanjing, the People's Republic of China, focusing on language, politics and culture and offering travel throughout the PRC.

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    Japan Study Group

    Finally, students can spend a semester in Kyoto, Japan's cultural center and ancient capital, during which they live with Japanese families, continue intensive Japanese language study and focus on important dimensions of the art, literature, religious heritage, politics and economies of the Japanese, with extensive trips throughout Japan.

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