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2003 Summer Research Program

The Department of Chemistry expects to be able to fund several student research assistantships for summer 2003. Funding for these assistantships comes from the Chemistry Department budget, corporate gifts, and faculty research grants.

To be eligible, a student must be planning to carry out research under direct supervision of a member of the faculty of the Department of Chemistry. The normal appointment is for 8-10 weeks of full-time research, the exact length of which will be arranged in advance by mutual agreement between the student applicant and research advisor(s). Research Assistants will receive a stipend of $300-350 per week. Students who will have a shorter period of time for full-time research because of other academic commitments may also apply; stipends will be prorated according to the number of weeks devoted to full-time research.

Students in any class who have completed one year of chemistry are eligible to apply and are encouraged to do so. All awards are made on the basis of the quality of the research proposal and the recommendation of sponsoring faculty member(s). Before applying, a student should consult with his/her prospective research supervisor.

On-campus subsidized housing will be made available for Summer Research Assistants at an anticipated cost of approximately $52 per week.

Application forms are available in the Department of Chemistry, or may be downloaded directly in PDF format. If you cannot view the application forms, download and install Acrobat Reader by clicking on the icon below

Applications are due in the Office of the Department of Chemistry in April 2003.


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