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A B.A. degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry prepares a student for a wide range of career paths, which include but are not limited to the study of Chemistry or Biochemistry. Many of our students (between a quarter and a third) pursue advanced graduate study in Chemistry or Biochemistry, while a smaller fraction go on to professional schools in the health sciences. A significant  fraction of our students elect to pursue advanced graduate studies in fields not usually associated with chemistry, including such things as business, law, public health, theater, and art. However, the hiring market is currently quite strong for B.A. graduates in chemistry and biochemistry, and about a third of our students in recent years have been directly employed after graduation, especially by pharmaceutical and other life sciences firms. Most of these students seek and successfully complete an advanced degree after a few years in the work force.

A survey of graduates from our department over the period 1993-2004 reveals the following data:
Average number of Chemistry + Biochemistry majors: 15
Students entering Ph.D. programs in Chemistry or Biochemistry: 28%
Students entering programs in medicine, veterinary medicine, or dentistry: 12%
Students entering other advanced degree programs: 8%
Students directly entering work force: 30%
Unknown or other: 24%
percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

Postgraduate plans for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors, Class of 2004

Postgraduate plans for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors, Class of 2003

Postgraduate plans for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors, Class of 2002

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