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Wynn HallMany of the problems that confront science today involve the transformation of one substance into another: this is chemistry. Principles of chemistry are central to the study of biology, physics, geology, medicine and many other disciplines, so an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry is essential for anyone interested in science.

The Department of Chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society, and is nationally recognized for its faculty-student research program. Our research-oriented curriculum, which offers bachelors degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry, culminates in an original senior research project conducted in collaboration with one or more faculty members. During the summer, we sponsor a large and vigorous summer research program for Colgate students, and have also been able to invite some of the most talented undergraduates from other institutions to come to Colgate and share our enthusiasm for original research in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Unique to our programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry is the opportunity to study off-campus without interrupting progress toward the major. Students can choose between study groups located at the University of Wales College of Cardiff, the University of Woolongong, Australia, or the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Department of Chemistry has excellent teaching and research facilities, and is equipped with modern instrumentation with which our students gain hands-on experience in both the teaching and research laboratory. In addition, the Cooley Science Library has an excellent collection of books, monographs, and journals in support of our teaching and research.

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