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Seminars/Events, Fall 2004

new.gif (208 bytes)Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

The Chemistry Department seminar meets weekly during the academic terms on Tuesday mornings at 11:20 AM. The seminar series features Colgate chemistry faculty, invited external speakers, and senior Chemistry and Biochemistry concentrators. Department faculty and declared concentrators in Chemistry and Biochemistry normally attend, and guests are welcome. Refreshments are served.

new.gif (208 bytes) Science Colloquium Schedule

The Division of Natural Sciences Colloquium meets weekly during the academic terms on Friday afternoons at 3:00 PM. The Colloquium series features Colgate faculty and invited external speakers. All members of the Colgate community and public are welcome to attend. Refreshments are served.

All schedules are available in PDF format. If you cannot view these files please download a copy of Acrobat Reader. (See below.)

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