This is a chronological listing of all Chuck Berry's US single, EP, album and CD releases. If you see any errors, if there is anything I have omitted, if you have any more information, or if you have a discography of Chuck's foreign releases, please e-mail me and let me know.



Oh Maria/I Hope These Words Will Find You Well

(On this single by Joe Alexander and the Cubans, one Charles Berryn is credited on guitar. At the time, Chuck was using the name Berryn in performances around St. Louis to avoid embarassing his father who was a deacon at the Antioch Baptist Church)



CHESS 1604
Maybellene/Wee Wee Hours
CHESS 1610
Thirty Days/Together We Will Always Be
CHESS 1615
No Money Down/Down Bound Train



CHESS 1626
Roll Over Beethoven/Drifting Heart
CHESS 1635
Too Much Monkey Business/Brown Eyed Handsome Man
CHESS 1645
You Can't Catch Me/Havana Moon


CHESS 1425 Rock, Rock, Rock
Maybellene/Thirty Days/You Can't Catch Me/Roll Over Beethoven

(Compilation album from the movie of the same name, also featuring The Flamingos, The Moonglows and Bo Diddley)



CHESS 1653
School Days/Deep Feeling
Oh Baby Doll/La Juanda
CHESS 1671
Rock and Roll Music/Blue Feeling


CHESS 5118 After School Session
School Days/Wee Wee Hours/Too Much Monkey Business/Brown Eyed Handsome Man
CHESS 5119Rock and Roll Music
Rock and Roll Music/Blue Feeling/School Days/Deep Feeling

(CHESS 5119 was re-released a month later with Oh Baby Doll/La Juanda replacing School Days/Deep Feeling)


CHESS 1426 After School Session
School Days/Deep Feeling/Too Much Monkey Business/Wee Wee Hours/
Roly Poly/No Money Down/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Berry Pickin'/
Together We Will Always Be/Havana Moon/Down Bound Train/Drifting Heart



CHESS 1683
Sweet Little Sixteen/Reelin' and Rockin'
CHESS 1691
Johnny B. Goode/Around and Around
CHESS 1697
Beautiful Delilah/Vacation Time
CHESS 1700
Carol/Hey Pedro/Lazy Pedro
CHESS 1709
Sweet Little Rock and Roller/Jo Jo Gunne
CHESS 1714
Merry Christmas Baby/Run Rudolph Run


CHESS 5121 Sweet Little Sixteen
Sweet Little Sixteen/Rockin' At The Philharmonic/Reelin' and Rockin'/Guitar Boogie
CHESS 5124 Pickin' Berries
Beautiful Delilah/Vacation Time/Carol/Hey Pedro
CHESS 5126Sweet Little Rock and Roller
Sweet Little Rock and Roller/Jo Jo Gunne/Johnny B. Goode/Around and Around


CHESS 1432 One Dozen Berries
Sweet Little Sixteen/Blue Feeling/La Juanda/Rockin' At The Philharmonic/
Oh Baby Doll/Reelin' And Rockin'/Ingo/Rock And Rol Music/How You've Changed/
Low Feeling/It Don't Take But A Few Minutes

("Low Feeling" is "Blue Feeling" recorded at half-speed and with a section omitted)



CHESS 1716
Anthony Boy/That's My Desire
CHESS 1722
Almost Grown/Little Queenie
CHESS 1729
Back in the USA/Memphis, Tennessee
CHESS 1737
Broken Arrow/Childhood Sweetheart
ARGO 5353
Say You'll Be Mine/Let Me Sleep Woman

(Chuck is credited as the guitarist on this single by The Equadors; Argo was a Chess subsidiary label)


CHESS 1435 Chuck Berry Is On Top
Almost Grown/Carol/Maybellene/Sweet Litle Rock And Roller/Anthony Boy/
Johnny B. Goode/Little Queenie/Jo Jo Gunne/Roll Over Beethoven/Around And Around/
Hey Pedro/Blues For Hawaiians

Available on CD: CHESS CHD-31260



CHESS 1747
Too Pooped To Pop/Let it Rock
CHESS 1754
Bye Bye Johnny/Worried Life Blues
CHESS 1763
I Got To Find My Baby/Mad Lad
CHESS 1767
Jaguar and the Thunderbird/Our Little Rendezvous


CHESS 1448 Rockin' At The Hops
Bye Bye Johnny/Worried Life Blues/Down The Road A Piece/Confessin' The Blues/
Too Pooped To Pop/Mad Lad/I Got To Find My Baby/Betty Jean/Childhood Sweetheart/
Broken Arrow/Driftin' Blues/Let It Rock

Available on CD: CHESS CHD-9259



CHESS 1779
I'm Talking About You/Little Star
CHESS 1799
Come On/Go Go Go


CHESS 1456 New Juke Box Hits
I'm Talking About You/Diploma For Two/Thirteen Question Method/Away From You/
Don't You Lie To Me/The Way It Was Before/Little Star/Route 66/Sweet Sixteen/
Run Around/Stop And Listen/Rip It Up

Available on CD: CHESS CHD-9171



CHESS 1465 Chuck Berry Twist
Maybellene/Roll Over Beethoven/Oh Baby Doll/Around And Around/Come On/
Let It Rock/Reelin' And Rockin'/School Days/Almost Grown/Sweet Little Sixteen/
Thirty Days/Johnny B. Goode/Rock And Roll Music/Back In The USA

Reissued as More Chuck Berry (CHESS 1465) in 1963



CHESS 1853
Diploma for Two/I'm Talking About You
CHESS 1866
Sweet Little Sixteen/Memphis, Tennessee


CHESS 1480 Chuck Berry On Stage
Go, Go, Go/Memphis, Tennessee/Maybellene/Surfin' Steel/
Rockin' On The Railroad (Let It Rock)/Brown Eyed Handsome Man (alternate take)/
Still Got The Blues/Sweet Little Sixteen/Jaguar and Thunderbird/
I Just Want To Make Love To You/All Aboard/Trick Or Treat/The Man And The Donkey/
How HIgh The Moon

(All studio cuts with overdubbed audience)



CHESS 1883
Nadine/O Rangutang
CHESS 1898
No Particular Place/You Two
CHESS 1906
You Never Can Tell/Brenda Lee
CHESS 1964
Little Marie/Go Bobby Soxer
CHESS 1916
Promised Land/Things I Used To Do


CHESS 1485 Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits
Roll Over Beethoven/School Days/Rock And Roll Music/Too Much Monkey Business/
Johnny B. Goode/Oh Baby Doll/Nadine/Maybellene/Memphis/Sweet Little Sixteen/
Thirty Days/Brown Eyed Handsome Man

CHECKER 2991 Two Great Guitars (With Bo Diddley)

Liverpool Drive/Chuck's Beat/When The Saints Go Marching In/Bo's Beat

Available on CD: CHESS CHD-9170

CHESS LP-1488 St. Louis To Liverpool

Little Marie/Our Little Rendezvous/No Particular Place To Go/You Two/
Promised Land/You Never Can Tell/Go Bobby Soxer/The Things I Used To Do/Night Beat/
Merry Christmas Baby/Brenda Lee



CHESS 1926
Dear Dad/Lonely School Days
CHESS 1943
It Wasn't Me/Welcome Back Pretty Baby


CHESS LP-1495 Chuck Berry In London
My Little Love Light/She Once Was Mine/After It's Over/I Got A Booking/Night Beat/
His Daughter Caroline/You Came A Long Way From St. Louis/St. Louis Blues/
Jamaica Farewell Song/Dear Dad/Butterscotch/The Song Of Love/
Why Should We End This Way/I Want To Be Your Driver



CHESS 1963
Ramona Say Yes/Lonely School Days


CHESS LP-1498 Fresh Berrys
It Wasn't Me/Run Joe/Every Day We Rock and Roll/One For My Baby/
Welcome Back Pretty Baby/It's My Own Business/Right Off Rampart Street/
Vaya Con Dios/Merrily We Roll Along/My Mustang Ford/Ain't That Just Like A Woman/
Wee Hours Blues



Laugh and Cry/Club Nitty Gritty
Back to Memphis/I Do Really Love You
Feelin' It/It Hurts Me Too


CHESS LP-1514 Chuck Berry's Golden Decade
Maybellene/Deep Feeling/Johnny B. Goode/Wee Wee Hours/Nadine/
Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Roll Over Beethoven/Thirty Days/Havana Moon/
No Particular Place To Go/Memphis, Tennesee/Almost Grown/School Day/
Too Much Monkey Business/Oh Baby Doll/Reelin' And Rockin'/You Can't Catch Me/
Too Pooped To Pop/Bye Bye Johnny/Around And Around/Sweet Little Sixteen/
Rock And Roll Music/Anthony Boy/Back In The USA

Double Album

MERCURY 61103 Golden Hits

Sweet Little Sixteen/Memphis, Tennessee/School Days/Maybellene/Back In The USA/
Johnny B. Goode/Rock And Roll Music/Roll Over Beethoven/Thirty Days/Carol/
Club Nitty Gritty

All songs re-recorded
Available on CD: PGD/POLYGRAM 26356

MERCURY 61123 In Memphis

Back to Memphis/I Do Really Love You/Ramblin' Rose/
Sweet Little Rock and Roller (re-recording)/My Heart Will Always Belong To You/
Oh Baby Doll (re-recording)/Check Me Out/It Hurts Me Too/
Bring Another Drink/So Long/Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go

Available on CD: 836 071-2

MERCURY 61138 Live At The Filmore

Rocking At The Filmore/Every Day I Have The Blues/C.C. Rider/Driftin' Blues/
Feelin' It/Flying Home/Hoochie Coochie Man/Filmore Blues/It Hurts Me Too/
Wee Baby Blues/Johnny B. Goode

(Featuring the Steve Miller Band)
Available on CD: 836 072-2. Also available as REBOUND 314 520 203-2. (This version omits Wee Baby Blues and adds Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Reelin' and Rockin' and My Ding-A-Ling)



Louie to Frisco/Ma Dear Ma Dear


MERCURY 61176 From St. Louis To Frisco
Louie to Frisco/Ma Dear/The Love I Lost/I Love Her, I Love Her/Little Fox/
Rock Cradle Rock/Soul Rockin'/I Can't Believe/Misery/My Tamborine/Oh Captain/
Mum's the Word

Available on CD: 836 073-2 (This version adds Almost Grown, Laugh and Cry, Campus Cookie
and Song of My Love)



Good Looking Woman/It's Too Dark In There


MERCURY 61233 Concerto In B. Goode
Good Looking Woman/My Woman/It's Too Dark In There/Put Her Down/
Concerto In B. Goode

Available on CD: 836 074-2



CHESS 2090
Tulane/Have Mercy Judge


CHESS LPS-1550 Back Home
Tulane/Have Mercy Judge/Instrumental/Christmas/Gun/I'm A Rocker/Flyin' Home/
Fish And Chips/Some People



CHESS CH-50008 San Francisco Dues
Oh Louisiana/Let's Do Our Thing Together/Your Lick/Festival/Bound To Lose/
Bordeux In My Pirou/San Francisco Dues/Viva Viva Rock And Roll/My Dream/
Lonely School Days



CHESS 2131
My Ding-A-Ling/Johnny B. Goode
CHESS 2136
Reelin' and Rockin'/Let's Boogie


CHESS CH-60020 The London Chuck Berry Sessions

(Studio) Let's Boogie/I Will Not Let You Go/Mean Old World/I Love You/
London Berry Blues/(Live) Reelin' And Rockin'/My Ding-A-Ling/Johnny B. Goode

Available on CD: CHESS CHD-9295

MERCURY SRM 2-LP 6051 St. Louis To Frisco to Memphis

Double album set containing entire recording of MERCURY 61138 Live At The Filmore, plus

St. Louie to Frisco/Ma Dear, Ma Dear/Soul Rockin'/Check Me Out/Little Fox/
Back To Memphis/My Tambourine/Misery/It's Too Dark In There/I Do Really Love You/
I Can't Believe/My Heart Will Always Belong To You/So Long

PICKWICK SPC-3327 Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode/Memphis, Tennessee/Roll Over Beethoven/Sweet Little Sixteen/
School Days/Maybellene/Reelin' and Rockin'/Rock and Roll Music/Back In The USA

These are all Mercury recordings; Reelin' And Rockin' appears here for the first time. This and
PICKWICK SPC-3345 Sweet Little Rock and Roller were repackaged as a double album,
Flashback PICKWICK PTP-2061



CHESS 2140
Bio/Roll 'Em Pete


CHESS 2CH-60023 Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Vol 2

Carol/You Never Can Tell/No Money Down/Together We Will Always Be/Mad Lad/
Run Rudolph Run/Let It Rock/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/
It Don't Take But A Few Minutes/I'm Talking About You/Driftin' Blues/Go Go Go/
Jaguar And Thunderbird/Little Queenie/Betty Jean (alternate take)/Guitar Boogie/
Down The Road Apiece/Merry Christmas Baby/Promised Land/Jo Jo Gunne/
Don't You Lie To Me/Rockin At The Philharmonic/La Juanda/Come On

Double Album

CHESS CH-50043 Bio

Bio/Hello Little Girl, Goodbye/Woodpecker/Rain Eyes/Aimlessly Driftin'/
Got It And Gone/Talkin' About My Buddy

PICKWICK SPC-3345 Sweet Little Rock and Roller

Sweet Little Rock and Roller/Check Me Out/Ramblin' Rose/Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go/
Carol/Oh Baby Doll/Back To Memphis/It Hurts Me Too/C.C. Rider

This and PICKWICK SPC-3327 Johnny B. Goode were repackaged as a double album, Flashback PICKWICK PTP-2061



CHESS 2CH-60028 Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Vol 3

Beautiful Delilah/Go Bobby Soxer/I Got To Find My Baby/Worried Life Blues/
Rolli Polli/Downbound Train/Broken Arrow/Confessin' The Blues/ Driftin' Heart/
Ingo/Man And The Donkey/St. Louis Blues/Our Little Rendezvous/
Childhood Sweetheart/Blues For Hawaiians/Hey Pedro/My Little Love Light/
Little Marie/County Line/Viva, Viva Rock And Roll/House Of BLue Lights/
Time Was/Blue On Blue/Oh Yeah

PICKWICK SPC-3392 Wild Berrys

I Do really Love You/So Long/It's Too Dark In There/
My Heart Will Always Belong To You/Bring Another Drink/Good Lookin' Woman/
Mu Woman/Thirty Days/Put Her Down



CHESS 2169
Shake Rattle and Roll/Baby What You Want Me To Do


CHESS CH-60032 Chuck Berry

Swanee River/I'm Just A Name/I Just Want To Make Love To You/Too Late/
South Of The Border/Hi Heel Sneakers/You Are My Sunshine/My Babe/
Baby, What You Want Me To Do/A Deuce/Shake Rattle And Roll/Sue Answer/
Don't You Lie To Me



MAGNUM MR-703 Live In Concert

Rock And Roll Music/Nadine/School Days/Wee Wee Hours/Hoochie Coochie Man/
Medley: Johnny B. Goode - Carol - Promised Land/Sweet Little Sixteen/Memphis/
Too Much Monkey Business/My Ding-A-Ling/Reelin' And Rockin'/Johnny B. Goode/

This is the complete performance of the 1969 Toronto Rock and Roll Revival. Selections have been re-released as:
Toronto Rock and Roll Revival, Vol II & III (ACCORD SN-7171 and SN-7121)
Reelin' And Rockin' (AURA A-1020)
Chuck Berry (PHOENIX PHX-351 and PD-351)
20 Hits (PHOENIX P20-630)



ATCO 7203
California/Oh What A Thrill


ATCO SD 38-118 Rock It

Move It/Oh What A Thrill/I Need You Baby/If I Were/House Lights/
I Never Thought/Havana Moon (Re-recording)/Wuden't We/California/Pass Away



CHESS CH-8201 The Great Twenty-Eight

Maybellene/Thirty Days/You Can't Catch Me/Too Much Monkey Business/
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man/Roll Over Beethoven/Havana Moon/School Day/
Rock And Roll Music/Oh Baby Doll/Reelin' And Rockin'/Sweet Little Sixteen/
Johnny B. Goode/Around And Around/Carol/Beautiful Delilah/Memphis, Tennessee/
Sweet Little Rock And Roller/Little Queenie/Almost Grown/Back In The USA/
Let It Rock/Bye Bye Johnny/ I'm Talking About You/Come On/Nadine/
No Particular Place To Go/I Want To Be Your Driver

Available on CD: CHESS CHD-92500



CHESS 2-92521 Rock and Roll Rarities

No Particular Place To Go (stereo remix)/Rock And Roll Music (alt. take)/
It Wasn't Me (alt. take)/Reelin' And Rockin' (demo)/Come On (alt. take)/
Little Queenie (alt. take)/You Never Can Tell (stereo remix)/
Sweet Little Sixteen (alt. take)/County Line/Run Rudolph Run/
Nadine (stereo remix)/Betty Jean/I Want To Be Your Driver (stereo remix)/
Beautiful Delilah (alt. take)/Oh Yeah/Johnny B. Goode (alt. take)/
Bye Bye Johnny (stereo remix)/Little Marie (stereo remix)/Time Was (alt. take)/
Promised Land (stereo remix)

Available on CD: CHESS CHD 92521

CHESS 9190 More Rock and Roll Rarities

Ain't That Just Like A Woman (stereo remix)/Rock And Roll Music (demo)/
Down The Road Apiece (stereo remix)/
Brown Eyed Handsome Man (second version stereo remix)/Route 66 (alt. take)/
Sweet Little Rock And Roller (alt. take)/My Mustang Ford (stereo remix)/
Sweet Little Sixteen (demo)/I Got To Find My Baby (stereo remix)/
I'm Talking About You (stereo remix)/House Of Blue Lights/Go Go Go (stereo remix)



MCA 6217 Hail! Hail! Rock And Roll (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Maybellene/Around and Around/Sweet Litttle Sixteen/
Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Guest Performer: Robert Cray)/Memphis, Tennessee/
Too Much Monkey Business/Back In The USA (Guest Performer: Linda Ronstadt)/
Wee Wee Hours (Guest Performer: Eric Clapton)/
Johnny B. Goode (Guest Performer: Julian Lennon)/Little Queenie/
Rock and Roll Music (Guest Performer: Etta James)/Roll Over Beethoven/
I'm Through With Love

"Around and Around" recorded at the live show but does not appear in the movie. "I'm Through With Love" recorded during rehearsals
Available on CD: MCA MCAD-6217



MCA CH6/CHC6/CHD3-80,001 The Chess Box (Box Set)
RECORD/CASETTE/DISC ONE (1955-1956) Maybellene/Wee Wee Hours/Thirty Days/

You Can't Catch Me/No Money Down/Downbound/Train/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/
Drifting Heart/Roll Over Beethoven/Too Much Monkey Business/Havana Moon/School Day
RECORD TWO (1957-May, 1958) Rock And Roll Music/Oh Baby Doll/ I've Changed/
Reelin' And Rockin'/Rockin' At The Philharmonic/ Sweet Little Sixteen/
Johnny B. Goode/Time Was (unreleased slow version)/Around And Around/
Beautiful Delilah/House Of Blue Light/Carol

RECORD THREE/CASETTE AND DISC TWO (September 1958 - 1959) Memphis/Anthony Boy/

Jo Jo Gunne/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/Merry Christmas Baby/Run Rudolph Run/
Little Queenie/Almost Grown/Back In The USA/Betty Jean/Childhood Sweetheart/
Let It Rock/ Too Pooped To Pop
RECORD FOUR (1960 - February 1964) Bye Bye Johnny/Jaguar And Thunderbird/
Down The Road Apiece/Confessin' The Blues/Thirteen Question Method/
Crying Steel (previously unreleased)/I'm Just A Lucky So And So (previously unreleased)/
I'm Talking About You/Come On/Nadine (Is It You?)/Crazy Arms/You Never Can Tell/
The Things I Used To Do/Promised Land

RECORD FIVE/CASETTE AND DISC THREE (March 1964 - 1966) No Particular Place To Go/

Liverpool Drive/You Two/Chuck's Beat/Little Marie/Dear Dad/Sad Day, Long Night/
It's My Own Business/It Wasn't Me/Ramona Say Yes/Viva Viva Rock And Roll
RECORD SIX (1969-1973) Tulane/Have Mercy Judge/My Dream/Reelin' And Rockin' (live)/
My Ding-A-Ling (single edit, live)/Johnny B.Goode/A Deuce/Woodpecker/Bio



QUICKSILVER 1017 Greatest Hits Live

Rock and Roll Music/Hoochie Coochie Man/Wee Wee Hours/Johnny B. Goode - Carol/
Nadine/School Days/Sweet Little Sixteen/The Promised Land

Another packaging of the 1969 Toronto Rock and Roll Revival Show?




Maybellene/Sweet Little Sixteen/School Days/Rock and Roll Music/Johnny B. Goode/
Carol/Memphis, Tennessee/Roll Over Beethoven/Back In The USA/
Sweet Little Rock And Roller/Reeling And Rocking/C.C. Rider



CHESS 9371 His Best, Vol 1

Maybellene/Thirty Days/You Can't Catch Me/Downbound Train/
Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Roll Over Beethoven/Too Much Monkey Business/
Havana Moon/School Day/Rock and Roll Music/Oh Baby Doll/Reelin' and Rockin'/
Sweet Little Sixteen/Johnny B. Goode/Around and Around/Beautiful Delilah/Carol/
Anthony Boy/Jo Jo Gunne/Memphis/

CHESS 9381 His Best, Vol 2

Sweet Little Rock and Roller/Little Queenie/Almost Grown/Back in the USA/
Let It Rock/Too Pooped to Pop/Bye Bye Johnny/Jaguar and Thunderbird/
Confessin' the Blues/Down the Road Apiece/I'm Talking About You/Come On/
Nadine (Is It You?)/You Never Can Tell/Promised Land/No Particular Place To Go
I Want to be Your Driver/Tulane/My Ding-A-Ling (single edit)/Reelin' and Rockin' (live)

Both CD's remastered



MCA 20931 Let It Rock

Let It Rock/Back In The USA/Oh Baby Doll/You Never Can Tell/Memphis, Tennessee/
Too Pooped To Pop/Almost Grown/The Promised Land/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/
Little Queenie
MAGNUM 16 Live On Stage

WMO NET 90313 Roll Over Beethoven


Thanks to Brian Henley for the information on the Mercury CD re-releases.

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