East Asian Languages and Literatures
The Mori Japan Prize is awarded annually to the student or students who excel in Japanese language studies. The recipient for 2000 is Adrienne Pfenniger.

The prize for excellence in Chinese language was awarded to Garret Albert in May 2000.

Asian Studies
The Award for Excellence in Asian Studies is given by the faculty in the Asian Studies Program to students on the basis of outstanding academic performance in course work taken within the concentration. This year, Gabriel Schwarz won the Asian Studies: Japan Prize, and Samantha Hoh won the Asian Studies: China Prize.

Honors and High Honors
For students who take East Asian Languages and Literatures courses within the broader sphere of an Asian Studies concentration, honors and high honors are a possibility. In order to receive honors or high honors, an Asian studies concentrator must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 for honors or 3.7 for high honors in courses that fulfill concentration requirements and an overall cumulative average of 3.0. Each student pursuing honors or high honors must undertake an honors project culminating in a thesis or its equivalent; this project must be done under the direction of a member of the department.