121, 122 Elementary Chinese

G. Bien

This introduction to modern standard Chinese emphasizes understanding and speaking, with practice in reading and writing, approximately 300 characters in both traditional and simplified forms. Work in the language laboratory is essential. Students who elect both parts of the sequence are introduced to all the basic structural patterns needed for ordinary conversation. Degree credit is given for completion of one term.

201, 202 Intermediate Chinese

J. Wang

These courses offer continued practice and drill in the spoken language and work in the language laboratory. Emphasis is on expansion of vocabulary and reading skills. By the end of the year the student may expect to know 1,000 ideographs and be able to read simple texts. Prerequisites: CHIN 122 or permission of instructor.

222 China through Literature and Film

J. Wang

This course introduces representative works of Chinese literature in English translation. Offered in China in spring 1995. The focus is on modern literature and film. Prerequisites: none.

303 Films and Broadcasts

J. Crespi

By focusing on selected Chinese feature films and television programs, this course increases students' fluency in all aspects of Chinese language. Students improve reading and writing skills through work with film scripts and essay assignments based on the films. They improve speaking and listening skills through film and broadcast viewing and discussion of issues raised by these materials. The materials present visual aspects of the spoken language that are normally unavailable in the classroom, such as gesture, facial expression and environmental context. Students are also introduced to the art of Chinese film, a subject of increasing importance in the field of Chinese studies. Prerequisite: CHIN 202 or the equivalent.

304 Readings in Social Issues

J. Wang

This course introduces students to developments in contemporary Chinese society through readings written by Chinese writers for a Chinese audience. These readings, with accompanying exercises and essay assignments, teach advanced students the vocabulary and sentence structures specific to written Chinese. The topics presented in the essays, such as the population explosion, new marriage practices and new trends in popular culture, provide rich material for class discussion and improve students' speaking and listening skills. Prerequisite: CHIN 202 or the equivalent.


405 Reading Chinese Newspapers

J. Crespi

This course introduces the styles and conventions of Chinese newspaper language. Emphasis is on vocabulary expansion, forms and structures that differ from everyday spoken Chinese, and tactics and skills for rapid reading. Aural-oral skills are reinforced through classroom discussions and supplementary materials. Prerequisite: CHIN 304 or the equivalent.

406 Readings in Modern Literature

J. Crespi

Designed to help students make the transition from textbook Chinese to literary works written for Chinese readers, this course concentrates on vocabulary development, dictionary use, sentence structure and reading strategies. In addition to classroom discussion in Chinese, laboratory, journal and essay assignments reinforce listening and writing skills. Specific reading selections vary from year to year. Prerequisite: CHIN 303 or the equivalent.

291, 391, 491 Independent Studies


Independent studies courses are designed to fulfill advanced individual study needs in language and literature not otherwise provided in the department. Possibilities include classical Chinese and readings of selected literary works.