121, 122 Elementary Japanese

M. Aizawa, Y. Aizawa

An introduction to basic structures and vocabulary, this course emphasizes oral communication. Practice in reading and writing using the two syllabaries (hiragana and katakana) and about 100 Chinese characters is offered. Degree credit is given for completion of one term.

201, 202 Intermediate Japanese

Y. Hirata

This course completes the presentation of basic structures of the language. There is continued emphasis on oral communication, with practice in reading simple texts and acquisition of an additional 500 Chinese characters by the end of the term. Prerequisites: JAPN 121, 122 or permission of instructor.

222 Japan through Literature and Film

This course introduces representative modern and pre-modern works of Japanese literature in English translation. Prerequisites: none.

301, 302 Advanced Japanese

Y. Hirata

Increasing emphasis on written Japanese, with acquisition by the end of the term of an additional 500 Chinese characters. In the second term of the sequence, students are given guided practice in reading unedited, modern texts. Prerequisite: JAPN 202 or permission of instructor.

401, 402 Readings in Japanese

Y. Aizawa, Y. Hirata

This course focuses on reading in literary and non-literary modern texts and mastery of the remaining Chinese characters on the jö yö kanji list of 1,945 characters. Prerequisite: JAPN 302 or permission of instructor.

405 Senior Seminar on Japanese Literature


This seminar in intensive analysis of works in translation from the late nineteenth century to the present focuses on major works of a single author. Writers studied include Mri gai, Natsume Sö, Tanizaki Jun´ö, Kawabata Yasunari and Mishima Yukio. The course is offered whenever there is sufficient demand. Prerequisites: JAPN 222 and permission of instructor.

291, 391, 491 Independent Studies


Independent studies courses are designed to fulfill advanced individual study needs in language and literature not otherwise provided in the department.

Study Group Courses In addition to either 202 or 302, study group students complete the following:

292 Intermediate Japanese III or 392 Advanced Japanese III

These are intensive courses designed to facilitate student participation in a variety of Study Group contexts, including individual study and research. Emphasis is on oral comprehension, honorifics, social contexts and reading and writing skills.

ASIA 481/JAPN 481 Japanese Studies

This course, offered in a field of the study group director's expertise, takes advantage of museums, libraries and historical sites in and around Kyoto, as well as guest lectures by Japanese and Western experts, to enrich classroom instruction.

ASIA 482/JAPN 482 Cultural Studies: The Japanese Village

This study group course examines the foundations of Japanese social interaction through a series of readings, guest lectures and discussions, followed by several weeks of intensive study and documentation of life in one or more village settings.