China Study Group
Offered next in the spring term 2003, the China Study Group is based at Peking University in the People's Republic of China. Students spend a month in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and three months in Beijing, taking two courses in Chinese language from Peking University faculty and two area studies courses from the Colgate resident director. Students hear lectures by Chinese scholars and public figures on government, society and culture. Field trips to areas of academic interest in China make up the remaining month of the term. Prerequisites include three terms of Chinese at Colgate or the equivalent, completion of a CORE course on China, and permission of the study group director.

For more information about the 2003 China Study Group, follow this link to Colgate University's Off Campus Study Web Page.

Japan Study Group
This program takes place in Kyoto, Japan during the fall term. The Japan Study Group provides students lodging with Japanese families, intensive language training and instruction by Japanese and Western experts and people of practical experience in Japanese politics, economics, business, religion, art and literature. Field trips to historically important sites in and around Kyoto and Tokyo, plus a month-long stay outside the Kyoto area are included. Emphasis is on acquiring experience and knowledge of Japanese culture. Prerequisites: three terms of Japanese at Colgate or the equivalent; completion of CORE 167, Japan; and permission of the study group director.

More information about the Japan Study Group can be found on Colgate University's Off Campus Study Web Page.