Chair: George Hudson

Administrative Assistant: Tess Jones

The English Department at Colgate University

Lawrence Hall
Phone: 315-228-7262
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Albrecht, Wilbur (Wil) Professor of English Emeritus(1967)
Balakian, PeterDonald M. and Constance H. Rebar Chair in Humanities; Professor of English; Professor of University Studies (1980); Director of The Center for Ethics and World Societies (1998-99)
Bay-Cheng, SarahAssistant Professor of English/Theater (2001)
Brice, JenniferAssistant Professor of English (2003)
Cerasano, SusanEdgar W.B. Fairchild Professor of Literature and Director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program (1981); Director, Colgate University Press (2002- )
Coyle, MichaelProfessor of English (1986)
Davies, MorganAssociate Professor of English (1990)
Epstein, DavidChristian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Artist-in-Residence in the Department of English/University Theater (Spring 2002)
Feinstein, AmyAssistant Professor of English (2002)
Gualtieri, Meghan (Meghan Brodie) Lecturer
Harsh, Constance (Connie) Associate Professor of English (1988)
Hudson, GeorgeProfessor of English (1969)
Hwang, FrancesOlive B. O'Connor Creative Writing Fellow (2004)
Jennings, CaleenNEH Chair-Humanities
Johnson, LinckCharles A. Dana Professor of English (1976)
Jones, Teresa (Tess) Administrative Assistant
Joy, NeillWilliam Henry Crawshaw Professor of Literature Emeritus(1963)
Kellogg, MarjorieAssociate Professor of English and Scenic Designer (part-time) (1995)
Kietzman, JenniferLecturer in the Department of English (2003)
Knuth, DeborahProfessor of English (1978)
Makau, LynnJohn D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Fellow in English (2004)
Maurer, MargaretWilliam Henry Crawshaw Professor of Literature (1974)
Page, KeziaAssistant Professor of English (2003)
Pinchin, JaneThomas A. Bartlett Chair and Professor of English; Acting Director of the Picker Art Gallery (1969); Interim President 2001-2002
Ramchand, Kenneth (Ken) Professor of English, Emeritus (1992)
Richards, Phillip (Phil) Associate Professor of English (1987)
Staley, LynnHarrington and Shirley Drake Professor of the Humanities in the Department of English and Medieval & Renaissance Studies (1974)
Sun, EmilyAssistant Professor of English (2003)
Wider, SarahProfessor of English and Women's Studies (1986)
Wohlleber, Sandra (Sandy) Theater Technical Director