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                                                                Santa Fe Study Group



            Students interested in American literature are encouraged to consider participation in the Santa Fe Study Group.  When directed by a member of the English Department, the program features courses in contemporary Native American literature and contemporary methods of criticism across the arts as well as providing opportunities for students to continue work in creative writing.  The study group also involves service learning work at one of the pueblos near Santa Fe.



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Simon J. Ortiz gave a poetry reading at Colgate on March 25, 2004.


Simon J. Ortiz, author of Out There Somewhere (The University of Arizona Press, March 2002)

is a poet, fiction writer, essayist, and storyteller. A native of Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico, Ortiz grew up at Deetseyaamah, a rural village area in the Acoma Pueblo community. He is the father of three children—Raho, Rainy, and Sara—and is a grandfather.


As a major Native writer, he insists on telling the story of his people's land, culture, and community, a story marred by social, political, economic, and cultural conflicts with Euro-American society. Ortiz's insistence, however, is upon a story that stresses vision and hope by creative struggle and resistance against human and technological oppression.


Ortiz's previous works include Men on the Moon, from Sand Creek, Speaking for the Generations, After and Before the Lightning, Woven Stone, The People Shall Continue, and Earth Power Coming.


He has received award recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts, Lila Wallace—Reader's Digest Fund Awards, Lannan Foundation's Artists in Residence, a "Returning the Gift" Lifetime Achievement Award, a WESTAF Lifetime Achievement Award, and the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in Art. He lives and teaches in Toronto.


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