London Study Group

Each year, usually in the fall, but sometimes in both the fall and the spring, a group of juniors and seniors spend a term in London studying British literature under the direction of a member of the English Department. Applications are reviewed by the director of that year's group, and preference normally is given to concentrators or prospective concentrators who have completed at least three courses toward the period requirements of the concentration.

 "In the final weeks of our semester in London, my group took a dinner cruise on the Thames.  As the night went on, dinner turned to picture taking, singing, dancing, the spirit of the group took over the boat.  A Norwegian man celebrating his 70th birthday on the same cruise pulled me aside at one point in the night to ask about our group.  He beamed:  "You have such a good time together.  You are like family."  I beamed.  Our scrapbooks show it, our memories show it:  with the backdrop of London and Wales, these lands fresh with new life and deep with history, we came to know each other well.  We developed codes and lingo and nicknames, and we learned each others' favorite drinks.  We made friends with the bus driver who took us through Wales, we played Capture the Flag in medieval castles, together refused to eat black pudding, toured museums, explored beaches, climbed mountains (literally!), yes, hit a pub or two, and then, as a character from one of our London novels would say, bollocks!  The semester was over.  This semester is something you never want to end, and when it does, it is a terribly sad feeling, but this is only a testimony to the power of my group:  I love this group like sundown on the beach in St. Davids, Wales; I love this group like British men love purple shirt and tie combinations, and I love this group like Keith Talent loves darts.  These are some of my very favorite people, and I have this semester to thank for that, for constructing a thoughtful, caring, fun, and solid group of friends: like family.  Yeah cheers, mates."  Katy Goodrich '03

"The study group can be an experience that changes you.  I went to England and found all the places I  had read about in so many poems and books.  I took it upon myself to see all these things but one of the best things about the English Study Group is that I was guided by my professor and my fellow students towards the sites and the places that amaze and enchant.  I explored a country and the minds of my favorite authors.  It is an experience that should not be turned down."  Christopher Maslanka, Class of 2002

"Spending the semester abroad in London was the single most wonderful and formative educational experience I have ever had.  You won't understand the sincerity of this sentiment until you go, but write it down, re-read it upon your return, and see if you don't agree." - Jenny Ramer, Class of 2000


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Spring 2002- Director:  Prof. Tom Davies

Joanne Campbell '03

Carissa Dull '03

Lauren Fisher '03

John Gnall, Jr. '03

Justin Goldman '03

Katy Goodrich '03

Michael Gordon '03

Leah Haught '03

Jessica Lapinsky '03

Lauren Numeroff '03

Rich Shoemaker-Moyle '03

Jennifer Stuart '03

Caroline Sun '03

Noreen Walsh '03

Justin Waytowich '03