Religion 325: The Mahayana Buddhist Tradition in India, China and Japan
J.R. Carter

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Mahayana Buddhist files

Children's Stories
A Collection of 11 Chinese Buddhist Children Stories from Taiwan
The Center of Experience (Jerry Bolick)
Chinese Buddhism
Chinese Buddhism
Bibliography of recent works
VP Sutra
Vajraccehedika Prajnaparamita Sutra (Diamond)
The Heart Sutra
Sanskrit/ English text
Jodoshinshu in a Nutshell (Pureland School)
Pure Buddhism
Pure Real Buddhism by Ken O'Neill (Jodo Shin)
Mahayana Buddhism
The Rise of the Mahayana (Graeme Lyall)
Pure Land
Discourse by the 13th Patriarch of the Pure Land School
Shakyamuni Buddha
The Buddha's life as preserved in Tibetan trad.

Zen Buddhism files

6th Patriarch
The Platform Sutra
Teisho: The Pools by Charlotte Joko Beck
The Buddha's Essential Functioning by Dogen Zenji
Evening Closing Ceremony (Diamond Sangha)
Faith in Mind
A guide to Ch'an Practice (rev 3/95)
Working with koans (John Tarrant)
Detailed instructions for Zen practice
Ch'an Tao Chia
Essays & Lectures (S. Rosenthal)
Zen and the Ten Ox-Herding Pictures by Ven Dr Walpola Rahula

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