Colgate Political Union

The Colgate Political Union is the Honors' Society for Political Science concentrators at Colgate University. Those students with a 3.3 after having taken at least five courses in Political Science and with a 3.0 GPA overall are invited to join. It recognizes the scholarly achievements of students in political science by inviting them to participate in and sponsor debates on contemporary but controversial political issues. It also builds on the strengths of the Washington Study Group by bringing more of the Washington experience back to campus. The organization's purpose is to encourage a closer union of intellectual and social life by allowing students to dine and converse informally with prominent speakers, and then sponsoring a public debate on an important issue. Moreover, we have close links with Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honors' Society, and students are often members of both organizations.

We successfully launched the CPU in the Fall of 1992 by sponsoring a lively debate on family values and the politics of meaning between Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, and Bill Kristol, chief of staff to former Vice-President Dan Quayle. Over the past few years, we continued to acknowledge and involve outstanding students in Political Science by inviting several prominent speakers such as Moshe Ma'oz, a well-known specialist on the Middle East; Bill Messiter, the regional director of CARE in Mozambique; and Akhil Amar, a member of the law faculty at Yale Law School. We also gave students the opportunity to work with Peter Hart, the director of a well-known political polling organization.
Revised: January 26, 1998.
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