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French and Italian House

The French and Italian House, formerly the residence of Colgate's Vice-President, is an attractive house centrally located near the main academic quad and libraries and next to the Casa Pan Latina Americana. It serves as a residence for students with a special interest in French and/or Italian language and culture. It is also the home of the French intern from the Université de Bourgogne and the Italian intern from the Università di Venezia, who spend the academic year at Colgate. The residents operate the House as a cooperative, preparing and sharing several evening meals together each week.

In addition to its use as a special interest residence, the French & Italian House is the site for cultural activities designed for students in French or Italian courses. Some French or Italian instructors hold an occasional class there in order to take advantage of the more informal setting and the possibility of serving refreshments. Other instructors supplement course work with foreign-language films or presentations in the living room. The interns also plan activities, such as a "crêpes" evening or a "spaghettata" party, which are open to the entire campus.

In brief, the House provides students with the means to broaden their cultural experiences at a liberal arts college which has made foreign studies an important part of its curriculum.



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