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John Gallucci

Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures

License ès lettres Strasbourg, 1979
Maitrise Avignon, 1983
M.A., Ph.D. Yale University, 1982, 1988

Office: 204 Lawrence
Phone: 315-228-7285


Courses Taught: The Court of Louis XIV; The Classical Stage; Medieval, Renaissance and Classical French Literature; Seventeenth-Century Literature; Molière and La Fontaine; Beginning and Intermediate French; Intermediate French: Language and Literature; Grammar and Composition; General Education 101

Previous Posts: Yale University

Professional Activities: Acting Chairman, Committee on Academic Advising, Spring 1997; Co-organizer of weekend colloquium on foreign language teaching "Foreign Languages at Colgate: Toward a Collaborative Vision," September 18-19, 1993; Chair, Working Committee on FLAC (Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum); Director, Dijon Study Group, Spring 1992 and Spring 1996; Off-Campus Study Group Committee, Spring 1994; Faculty Fellow, Maison francaise

Areas of Expertise: 17th-Century French literature, especially Pascal; French Renaissance literature, especially Montaigne; history of rhetoric; literary theory, satire, French Literature, Representation of America in French Literature, Literary Relationships between French and American Literature, the récit de voyage, Neo-Latin Literature, Religion and Literature

Publications: "Entre copie et autographe: le texte des Pensées de Pascal," Travaux de Litterature; "Pascal, Henry Adams and American Modernity," in De la morale à l'economie politique; "Politique et écriture: la 'disposition' pascalienne comme principe de liberté" in Justice et force: politiques au temps de Pascal; "Poetic Pascal, or the Pensées as an Infinite Text," Dalhousie French Studies; "Pascal and Kenneth Burke: An Argument for a 'Logological' Reading of the Pensées," Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature; "Faith and Language: Allegories of Interpretation in Pascal," French Forum; "Pascal poeta-theologus," Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature; book reviews in The French Review, Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature; translations in Yale French Studies

Distinctions: Picker Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship

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