Madrid Study Group

Fall Term and/or Spring Term--Annual

Colgate sponsors a one semester program at the University of San Pablo CEU in Madrid, Spain. The Spain Study Group operates in Santiago de Compostelo and Madrid (August and fall semester) . Students live with host families in Madrid. Courses are chosen from a curriculum that includes Spanish language, literature, art, history, sociology/anthropology and political science. Students will be able to elect one or two courses from those offered by the University of San Pablo CEU. In order to be eligible for the August and fall semester program, a student must successfully complete at least one 350-level survey and SPAN 361 or 362. Qualified non-concentrators are encouraged to apply. Preference is given to those with a concentration or minor concentration in Spanish

The study group experience is an integral part of the French and Spanish programs, and all qualified concentrators are expected to participate. Preference is given to concentrators and minor concentrators, but qualified non-concentrators are encouraged to apply.

The department has established the following policies for the Madrid study group: students must register for a full load of courses; students may not take a fifth course; all courses must be taken for a standard letter grade except for 370, Spanish Language and Civilization in Santiago de Compostela, taken on a S/U basis . Only in unusual circumstances will the department chair grant exceptions.

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