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Longyear Museum of Anthropology


The Longyear Museum of Anthropology represents an important addition to the teaching and research facilities of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Founded in 1965, the museum takes its name from the past curator, Dr. John M. Longyear III, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology. The Longyear Museum contains archaeological and ethnographic collections from a wide range of cultures around the world. The collections of Iroquois archaeological materials from central New York and the central Mexican (Guerrero) stone sculptures are extensive and unique.

Students may take advantage of the resources of the museum in a variety of ways. SOAN 353 Field Methods and Interpretation in Archaeology offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with the museum holdings and to carry out research projects on selected collections of artifacts. Students may also arrange independent studies working with the museum collections and receive credit in either the Department of Sociology and Anthropology or in the Native American Studies topical concentration program, which is sponsored by the Division of University Studies. Students are encouraged to inquire at the office of Professor Kerber concerning independent studies projects in archaeology as well as for information concerning opportunities for summer programs in archaeological or social anthropological fieldwork. Information concerning museum internship programs and opportunities in museum studies may be obtained by contacting Carol Ann Lorenz (phone: (315)228-7184; email:, curator of exhibitions in the Longyear Museum of Anthropology, or Jordan Kerber (phone: (315)228-7559; email:, curator of collections in the Longyear Musuem of Anthropology.

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