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Brown Bag Schedule, Fall 2002

9/10    Imagining Technology Based on Women’s Values  Paul Pinet, Geology, and Langdon Winner, University Studies

9/17    Vaginal: Feminist Art of the 1970s  Jamie Warsavage, ’03, Art History and Women’s Studies major 

9/24    Women Survivors of Peru’s Civil War: The Struggle to Build a Sustainable Peace  Maureen Hays-Mitchell, Geography 

9/26    Shaking the Faith: Shakers, Anti-Shakers, and the ‘Just Rights’ of Women, 1815-1867  Elizabeth DeWolfe ‘83, American Studies, University of New England

10/1    The Originality of Quotation: Reading Women in the Adirondacks  Ellen Kraly, Geography and Sarah Wider, English 

10/8    Empowering Advocacy  Grace Poore, in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Week 

10/22  Gender Politics in Technological Design   Langdon Winner, University Studies visiting professor  

10/24  Gendered Laws of Robotics  Anne Foerst, Theology and Computer Science, St. Bonaventure University

10/29  Let’s Talk About Breasts  Dr. Merrill Miller, Linda Dovidio, Colgate Health Services, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

11/5    Whither the Civil Rights Movement?  Nina Moore, Political Science 

11/7    Changing Narratives, Changing Practices: Women in Higher Education   President Rebecca Chopp

11/12  Title IX Through the Ages   A panel discussion with women coaches and athletes at Colgate (Janet Little set up, panel discussion at the Coop with Kathy Brawn, Beth Spycer-Combs, Jenna Panatier, and Amanda Brickell, ’03) Location: old bookstore in Coop

11/19  Vision Machines: Women on the Verge of...? in Almodovar’s “All About My Mother”  Anita Johnson, Romance Languages and Literatures 

12/3    Community Action: Everyone’s Call   Maureen Fox, Diane Ryan, Community Action Program for Madison County  

12/4    On Being a Student in Israel  Kinneret Milgrom, a 22 year old Israeli woman

12/10  Women and Gossip in Latin America  Anne Ashbaugh, Philosophy, and Lourdes Rojas, Romance Language and Literature 

Brown Bag Series -- Spring 2003 

1/21    Killing Us Softly: Idealization of the Female Form Kristen Dams-O’Connor, Susan Roberts, and Andrea Bross 

1/28    Opening Eyes For Beauty; Blinding From Oneself: Blepharoplasty Among Young Korean Women  Jin Lee, ’03, concentrator in Environmental Biology, Geography 

2/4     Does That Sound Like Sexual Harassment to You?  Ulla Grapard and members of Sexual Harassment Panel 

2/11    Hoping With Our Feet: Forty Years of Women at Colgate and Beyond  Wanda Warren Berry, Philosophy and Religion  

2/18    Over stimulated: A Critical Analysis of the Viagra Phenomenon  Meika Loe, Sociology/Anthropology and Women’s Studies 

2/25    Women and the Negotiation of Peace and Reconstruction in Liberia and Mozambique  Anne Pitcher, Political Science and Mary Moran, Sociology and Anthropology 

3/4     Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Sex, Guns and James Bond  Sarah Bay-Cheng English and Theater 

3/11    Images of Men and Women in Traditional African Art Carol Ann Lorenz, Art/Art History  Location: Longyear Museum of Anthropology 

3/25    Burning Crosses with Good Intentions?  Madonna, Whiteness, and ‘Like a Prayer’  Diane Williams, Women’s Studies Program Assistant 

3/27    Midwifery and Women’s Health  Kathryn Sofranko and two other local midwifes, Hearts and Hands Studio

3/31    Women's Passover Haggadahs  Vanessa Ochs

4/1     From Gertrude Stein to Jessica Stein:  The Bookish Woman in the Jewish Imagination  Lesleigh Cushing, Jewish Studies and Philosophy and Religion   

4/3     The Century Project  Frank Cordell, visiting photographer  Location: Colgate Bookstore, 3rd floor 

4/8     Feminist Standpoint Epistemology: Intellectual and Political Controversies  Sandra Harding, UCLA  

4/15    How do markets matter? Neoliberalism and the feminization of poverty in contemporary Russia  Jessica Allina-Pisano, Political Science 

4/22    Beyond Black and White  Jennifer Colon ‘03, Tamara Serrano ’03, both double concentrators in Women’s Studies and Psychology 

4/29    Marilyn’s Thoughts  Marilyn Thie, Director of Women’s Studies, Philosophy and Religion